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After travelling to Ireland to gain insight into the construction of the bodhrán, Dave understood there is no "ultimate" way to build drums, and that drums are built on instinct. It was clear each instrument is very personal to each drummer.

Drums come in many varieties. There were bodhráns that had been bathed in Guinness; there were tunable and non-tunable bodhráns, egg-shaped bodhráns, those that played like rubber boots, those patched with duct tape, some very well-made drums, and a few not so well made.

Despite all the variations, when in the hands of the Irish player, each version became a magical, musical instrument.
After many years building drums and playing bodhrán, Dave has become a master drum maker and skilled at creating drums to suit any drummer's taste in use and playing. Each Davey Drum is one-of-a-kind, built by a unique process that evolves with each drum created. This process is still going on and I am sure the Davey Drum of today won't be exactly as the Davey Drum in five years.
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