S T R E T C H I N G   T H E   G O A T


I wish to thank the Jaki and Chris Daniels family and indeed their extenaed family of musical friends for providing the opportunity for this project to take place. There is an atmosphere of serenity that always seems to surround the Daniels' home and recording studio. All one has to do is experience only one bowl of soup in the kitchen and you realize that you are indeed in a very special home.

I also wish to thank the bands and musical groups that have provided me the opportunity to add the bodhran to their tunes. In particular I wish to thank the Sunday Nite Band for over 30 years of companionship and wonderful musical experiences. The rehearsals held each Sunday evening terminated with "treats" and lots of "jocularity" in the kitchen of Jim and Mary Lou Dauncey.

The second group I wish to mention is the Joyce on Fourth Session Players. It is through the Saturday afternoon and Tuesday evening sessions that I can keep the bodhran grounded in its musical roots. The musicians featured on this CD are, Jonathon Daniels (guitar), Allison Lynch (vocals), Ann Gray (Scottish small pipes), Barbara Rose Olorenshaw (fiddle), Katie McAllister (vocals), Lesley Jefferson (fiddle), Fiona Coll (fiddle), Greg Hooper (whistle and flute), Scott Duncan (fiddle). There is a cameo performance on one passage by Chris Daniels on the bodhran.

Cover art by Cynthia Rudzis.

Produced by
David W. Settles (Calgary, Canada)

Co-Produced by
Chris Daniels

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered:
Chris Daniels, assistant Colin Daniels
at Audio Lab (Calgary, Canada)

Graphic Design and Photos:
Sacha Kiefer at DASK Graphic Design

All drums used in this album were hand made by David Settles