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Coracle Currach Hooker Plassy Claddagh

- The Coracle -

A one person boat with an ancient lineage.

I have used the Coracle boat to name the style of the round or basic bodhrán.

    The basic bodhrán comes in three rim diameters and two depths.
    The drum diameter sizes are:

       - 15 inches
         - 16 inches
            - 17 inches

The 5 inch depth is currently priced at $350.00 or $360.00 if taped.

The 6 inch depth is priced at $365.00 or $375.00 if taped.

There is also an entry level bodhrán that is built the same with the exception that there is a commercial skin used instead of the Davey Drum skin that is hand cured and hand conditioned. These drums sell for $285.00 or $295.00 if taped.
    Although these drums are referred to as "entry level" drums I do not make any drums that I would be embarrassed to be on stage with. The commercial skin is not as resilient and sensitive to back hand pressure and the back of the skin cannot be scraped to the smooth condition that the hand cured skins can be.
    These drums would be for the customer that is unsure of the commitment they are going to make to play the bodhrán but wants a quality drum, tunable drum.