R E V E R S E   A U C T I O N

How It Works

In the process of making drums a second will sometimes develop that does not affect the sound or function in any way but cannot be sold for a full price. When a drum of this nature comes up Davey Drums will put the drum on a reverse auction. The auction will work as follows. The regular price of the drum will be posted and then a reduced price will be posted below it. That price will remain for a period of time and if someone wants it at that price the first person to email me will get the drum at the posted price. If after some time the drum did not sell the price will be reduced further and held there for some time. The first person to email Davey Drums indicating they would like the drum will make the sale. The price will be further reduced at different intervals until the drum sells. So, if you see the drum priced as such that you would like to purchase it please email indicating so and if you are the first at that price the drum is yours. There will be no reserve bid and the price will periodically be lowered until someone jumps in on the bid. The price will then be the established at that bid plus shipping and insurance charges.

Current Auction Drum

This Drum is SOLD!
- watch for the next auction -

Purple Pride

Hello fellow goat bashers,

The first drum to be offered on the reverse auction, (Purple Pride), does not have any physical defect. It is up on the auction block only because it is purple. It seems that the only place, besides Cat's drum stable, that the colour purple is popular is around Kansas State University. This seems to be an unfair burden to put on a perfectly good drum.

This drum was made as a special order and when the lady saw the colour, she decided to go for a regular walnut stained drum.

Purple Pride is a 17" by 5" deep, fully keyless tunable drum. It has my hand cured and conditioned skin. It also has the hand carved tone ring. The drum comes with a tipper.

This drum needs a good home.



see video clip

audio clip

Regular price in US or Canadian Funds
January 13, 2008
First Discounted price 5%
Present bid $318.25

Check back regularly for further discounts if desired,