A B O U T    T H E    D R U M S


A Davey Drum by David W. Settles is an Alberta built drum. The skins are local goatskins from the meat industry that are hand cured and conditioned. The skins are cured only in the winter months during freezing weather. The cold allows for the curing outside in a curing crib but because the skins are kept in below freezing weather natural oils are easier to retain. To have complete control over the skins is the primary reason the Davey Drum exists.
      After traveling to Ireland to gain insight to the bodhrán it became apparent that these instruments were very personal and of many varieties. There were bodhráns that had received too much Guinness, tunable and non-tunable bodhráns, egg-shaped bodhráns, those that played like rubber boots, those patched with duct tape, some very well made drums as well as some that were not so well made. In spite of all the varieties of bodhráns when in the hands of the Irish player each version became a magical, musical instrument.
      I came back from Ireland convinced that there is no ultimate way to build drums and you can only go with your own instincts. After building drums and many hours of playing you develop a drum to suit your own taste in use and playing. As a result, the Davey Drum. This process is still going on and I am sure the Davey Drum of today won't be exactly as the Davey Drum in five years.

David W. Settles